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Vegetarian/vegan meals in Cape May, New Jersey

While I dream of summer, the beach, the shore I decided to make plans to go back to visit the Jersey Shore. There are so many wonderful towns and cities to visit in The United States. My choice for a vacation spot is often based on food. I was lucky to find great vegetarian/vegan meals… Continue reading Vegetarian/vegan meals in Cape May, New Jersey

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Vegan Colombian Sudada Recipe

I am sharing the recipe for a vegan dish from Colombia! A authentic vegetarian recipe from a Colombian! I got the recipe for a Vegan Colombian Sudada – a root vegetable in gravy. I have stayed away from most South American restaurants. The meat heavy places do not cater to vegans. Interestingly, when I interviewed… Continue reading Vegan Colombian Sudada Recipe

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Korean Vegan Bibimbap

Vegan Korean food? Is it an Entree? What is that? Wouldn’t it be too pungent for me? Since the Sriracha hot sauce has become a part of our everyday lives, and since my interview with Nam Kyung Kim, I was wondering what else I knew about Korea. I pulled out my old post from Plantsandgrains,… Continue reading Korean Vegan Bibimbap


Travel USA

People who have lived in America their whole lives seem surprised by all the traveling we do in the United States. I wonder why that is. I wonder why I hear of more people going off to Italy than flying to Oregon? I wonder why people from New York will fly to the Caribbean, but… Continue reading Travel USA

Vegetarian food

Marie Claude’s Oriental Tabouli

Vegan goodness My friends were visiting me from France. Every time that I have been with them I have always had a chance to taste Marie Claude’s tabouli. It had become a dish that I solely associated with her, so much so that I thought that was the only thing she made. It turns out she… Continue reading Marie Claude’s Oriental Tabouli


Weekend In Hudson Valley (Part 2) – Woodstock

Another Weekend in Hudson Valley   Woodstock is my perfect cure to relax, eat, look within and reset. If that’s what you are looking for, don’t wait to travel to another Thailand or India. You can start right here. Right now. My first trip out of New York, first weekend getaway, when Ashwin and I had… Continue reading Weekend In Hudson Valley (Part 2) – Woodstock

Vegetarian food

Almond Cake Recipe

Vegan! (Eggless) I grew up in a vegetarian family and continue to be a vegetarian. We cooked with and ate diary products and consumed eggs in desserts and bread only. Mindlessly I continue this same lifestyle. When I started cooking and later studying what to eat, it turned over half the food I made was… Continue reading Almond Cake Recipe