Weekend Away -Portsmouth in Winter

As the winter really sets in, I am one of those people who take weekend trips to colder places. I mean, which of you will not agree that a few degrees colder than NYC is easy to handle? My logic about not going to warmer places is, I just cannot come back to the cold in… Continue reading Weekend Away -Portsmouth in Winter

Art and Crafts

Art (in New York) Today

I went to an installation of LED lights at the New Museum. This is Art. I saw paintings of horizontal lines painted across a canvas. This too is art. I saw painting made of short brush strokes. This is also art. I grew up in a time when paintings and sculptures were considered art. I have… Continue reading Art (in New York) Today

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Acceptable Seasonal Trips From NYC

I have come to realize that when you live in New York City, your trips are already planned for you. Seasonally there are a bunch of trips that are socially acceptable, if that is something concerns you. My first couple of years, I always planned to go to the wrong places at the wrong times. It… Continue reading Acceptable Seasonal Trips From NYC


We love our Lines

In Manhattan I stand in lines for everything. The first time I had to stand in line for food, I channeled what my dad always told methought, ” Hey! That’s crazy. I am not that desperate for food.” I quickly got out and walked away. By and by, I realized that in New York, it’s a mattar… Continue reading We love our Lines


The Ocean And Me

You can say I have been traumatized by the beach. Well! Technically it’s the ocean… Ever since the time that I found a dubious lump floating me when I was about ten, I have been skeptical of the ocean. My dad had taken me for a swim in the ocean and while I happily enjoyed the cold… Continue reading The Ocean And Me


A Tourist: From The Suburbs To NYC

That’s How I Got To Manhattan All kinds of things happen in New York. It’s not safe. Don’t make eye contact with anyone! Read a map in private. Disguise being a tourist. Keep a close watch on your bag. Thinking about everything friends had told me about New York, anxiously, I boarded the N.J. Transit… Continue reading A Tourist: From The Suburbs To NYC


Booksales of America

I have not been writing for a while, for two reasons: I started my food blog. I had lots to share. Too much of my energy was going into not writing about food. I was not sure in what direction this blog is going. I started out writing, to share things that I have learnt in the… Continue reading Booksales of America


Weekend In Hudson Valley (Part 2) – Woodstock

Another Weekend in Hudson Valley   Woodstock is my perfect cure to relax, eat, look within and reset. If that’s what you are looking for, don’t wait to travel to another Thailand or India. You can start right here. Right now. My first trip out of New York, first weekend getaway, when Ashwin and I had… Continue reading Weekend In Hudson Valley (Part 2) – Woodstock

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On Renting – To Live In/Short Term Visit To America/NYC

I was finally moving!! I was going to New York City. Well! Close enough- Jersey City! Where will I stay? How will I deal with realtors ( my image is that of a shirtless creep showing me homes in Hyderabad, India when I was apartment hunting there)? Will it be safe? How will I commute… Continue reading On Renting – To Live In/Short Term Visit To America/NYC


Weekend in Hudson Valley (Part 1) – Saugerties, Rhinebeck

Rhinebeck & Hyde Park – A little bit of Dutchess County  Easter break is almost here. A three day weekend is around the corner. If you don’t have family around (like most immigrants) or are new to this part of the country or are simply looking to get out of New York, here are a… Continue reading Weekend in Hudson Valley (Part 1) – Saugerties, Rhinebeck