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Libraries In The United States Of America

What really blows my mind about living in USA, Are the incredible, free public libraries here; I have to say! Take for granted, these institutions, if you may, I for one, appreciate their matter – black, white and even gray. Every city, town, and even the smallest neighborhood, has a library for the community’s good.… Continue reading Libraries In The United States Of America


To The NYC Tourist

There’s more to New York than Central Park or seeing Time Square when it’s dark. One World Trade does not a New York make neither is the number one dessert Carlos’ cake. Macy isn’t where we usually shop nor do we frequent the Empire State’s top. Fifth Ave isn’t our usual route nor is Wall… Continue reading To The NYC Tourist

Art and Crafts

An Artist Without A Signature

I have no training in art, I trained in Math cause I thought that was smart. I guess alls well it played it’s part, It helped me come to NYC for a fresh start. I taught in a school and had no time to learn, weather it was art, lifestyles of about trees and ferns.… Continue reading An Artist Without A Signature