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My First Snow

Saturday’s snow in the North East ( of The United States) reminded me of my experiences with snow. My first snow here, in the country I have chosen to call home, was filled with anticipation, joy, excitement followed by pain, tears and discomfort, and then again sheer ecstasy! If you have been reading my blogs,… Continue reading My First Snow


I was 10 years older!

I am not sure what it is about my brain and not registering numbers. As I write this I realize, that I can easily Google this information and then I will be on this insane rollercoaster ride of clicking on one URL after another and browsing through web page after web page of redundant information… Continue reading I was 10 years older!

Immigrant stories · Lifestyle

Birthday Shopping & Perks

It’s My Birthday-I’ll Be Ignorant If I Want! As I am growing older, I have been losing touch with a lot of my friends, letting go family contacts and that has basically caused one huge problem in my adult life. My birthday wishes, gifts and cards have dwindled to almost negligent. I really have only… Continue reading Birthday Shopping & Perks

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An American Brunch

Back in 2011when I arrived in New York and began my journey in this new country, one of the most fascinating meals to me was brunch. It’s eaten only on weekends and is popular among the cool, laid-back people. The very mention of the word ‘brunch’ conjures up lazy Sundays. I was exposed to a… Continue reading An American Brunch

Immigrant stories · Lifestyle

My New Life

As I sit here wondering what my first post should be about, I guess the best thing would be to properly introduce myself. I don’t think it suffices just to say that I was born in India and that I moved to Jersey City, United States to teach at a Montessori school. Neither is it… Continue reading My New Life


Feet Attract More Than Just Men

I walked out admiring my delicate feet. I know I sound a little vain when I say I have beautiful feet. But, really. I do! In my opinion, they are a perfect pair: long toes, healthy nails, with a lovely skin tone and vibrant with life. I remember the first time I got a pedicure, and my… Continue reading Feet Attract More Than Just Men