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Twelve Fun Facts About USA

Twelve fun facts about USA Since my move to the United States, from India, I have traveled through several states, with the assumption that everything is the same in all states in USA. Obviously I was misinformed and so I continued to travel to see this country. Many a time, I have been very surprised… Continue reading Twelve Fun Facts About USA

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America’s Woman Of The World Interviews

If you are a woman who has  chosen to call The United States your home, having left the one you were born in, and if you would be interested in being one of the guests I interview for ‘AmericaWOW, please send me an email and we can arrange an interview and photo shoot.’ “America’s Woman… Continue reading America’s Woman Of The World Interviews

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Libraries In The United States Of America

What really blows my mind about living in USA, Are the incredible, free public libraries here; I have to say! Take for granted, these institutions, if you may, I for one, appreciate their matter – black, white and even gray. Every city, town, and even the smallest neighborhood, has a library for the community’s good.… Continue reading Libraries In The United States Of America

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On New Years – I Celebrate New York! I Celebrate America!

Living in the United States Of America, in New York City, is like living in several different countries, without actually leaving this one. Whether it is to indulge in a bite to eat from some part of the world, or it is to buy a souvenir from another, whether it is conversing in a different language… Continue reading On New Years – I Celebrate New York! I Celebrate America!

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Food In America

The most recent question I’ve had, came to me from Russia: You can write to me that you usually like to eat. Or what do Americans usually eat? I was curious to know. What do you usually eat? What do Americans eat? Dear friend, This is a very difficult question and every person you ask… Continue reading Food In America

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Fall Guide For A New Comer

As I started to feel more and more at home  in the United States, I realized that it had was because of my familiarity with the seasons. Getting used to seasons is not just about getting used to the hot and cold weather nor the erratic weather that comes in between. For me, it’s about… Continue reading Fall Guide For A New Comer

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Dream To Move To New York City

I am 17, I live in Oklahoma my dream is to move to NYC. Do you have any advice? It looks so beautiful there. My Answer– I too like many others, had this dream. In 2010, I was lucky enough to visit New York City like so may others, I Fell In Love with the… Continue reading Dream To Move To New York City

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An Artist Without A Signature

I have no training in art, I trained in Math cause I thought that was smart. I guess alls well it played it’s part, It helped me come to NYC for a fresh start. I taught in a school and had no time to learn, weather it was art, lifestyles of about trees and ferns.… Continue reading An Artist Without A Signature


Interestingly American

“Your outfit is interesting,”she said. I thanked her. “Your are wearing an interesting cap,” he said. I thanked him. “The curry tastes interesting,” they said. I was delighted at the compliment. Little did I know! The Oxford English dictionary defines ‘Interesting’ as, arousing curiosity or interest; holding or catching the attention. So, a debate is… Continue reading Interestingly American

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Birthday Shopping & Perks

It’s My Birthday-I’ll Be Ignorant If I Want! As I am growing older, I have been losing touch with a lot of my friends, letting go family contacts and that has basically caused one huge problem in my adult life. My birthday wishes, gifts and cards have dwindled to almost negligent. I really have only… Continue reading Birthday Shopping & Perks