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Election thoughts, Thanksgiving Table

Conversations from last year’s Thanksgiving table about this year’s elections.

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The Ocean And Me

You can say I have been traumatized by the beach. Well! Technically it’s the ocean… Ever since the time that I found a dubious lump floating me when I was about ten, I have been skeptical of the ocean. My dad had taken me for a swim in the ocean and while I happily enjoyed the cold…… Continue reading The Ocean And Me

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A Tourist: From The Suburbs To NYC

That’s How I Got To Manhattan All kinds of things happen in New York. It’s not safe. Don’t make eye contact with anyone! Read a map in private. Disguise being a tourist. Keep a close watch on your bag. Thinking about everything friends had told me about New York, anxiously, I boarded the N.J. Transit…… Continue reading A Tourist: From The Suburbs To NYC

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The America I Love

America is a fantastic county! I love it for several reasons. I get to breathe fresh air, to drink the clean drinking water that runs through my tap, and to eat delicious organic and vegan food. I am in awe of the diversity in America, the gurgling rivers, the voluminous mountains, clean beaches and rocky…… Continue reading The America I Love

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Brooklyn, A Movie I Relate To!

  (Spoilers Below) Brooklyn the movie pretty much sums my immigrant life in less than two hours. It’s beautifully filmed, well acted and has a theme that is so close to my heart, I have only good things to say about it. The dialogues in the movie are perfect and sound all the better with…… Continue reading Brooklyn, A Movie I Relate To!

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On Renting – To Live In/Short Term Visit To America/NYC

I was finally moving!! I was going to New York City. Well! Close enough- Jersey City! Where will I stay? How will I deal with realtors ( my image is that of a shirtless creep showing me homes in Hyderabad, India when I was apartment hunting there)? Will it be safe? How will I commute…… Continue reading On Renting – To Live In/Short Term Visit To America/NYC