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A Woman From Philippines Living In America

I am not sure I will, in this lifetime, visit Philippines. Which is why, I was happy to meet a woman from Manila, in the Philippines living in America. She who told me a little about her native country and about living and working in The United States. I got to know about ‘mall culture,’… Continue reading A Woman From Philippines Living In America

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Colombian Views On Living In USA

Next in my series of America- women of the world (AmericaWOW), I spent a delightful afternoon talking to Martha Hurtado, who moved to America, from Colombia. She immigrated over 16 years ago, and yet she has an incredible passion about Colombia. She and gave me a glimpse into her life and shared some Pandebono. She… Continue reading Colombian Views On Living In USA

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Libraries In The United States Of America

What really blows my mind about living in USA, Are the incredible, free public libraries here; I have to say! Take for granted, these institutions, if you may, I for one, appreciate their matter – black, white and even gray. Every city, town, and even the smallest neighborhood, has a library for the community’s good.… Continue reading Libraries In The United States Of America

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On New Years – I Celebrate New York! I Celebrate America!

Living in the United States Of America, in New York City, is like living in several different countries, without actually leaving this one. Whether it is to indulge in a bite to eat from some part of the world, or it is to buy a souvenir from another,¬†whether it is conversing in a different language… Continue reading On New Years – I Celebrate New York! I Celebrate America!

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My First Snow

Saturday’s snow in the North East ( of The United States) reminded me of my experiences with snow. My first snow here, in the country I have chosen to call home, was filled with anticipation, joy, excitement followed by pain, tears and discomfort, and then again sheer ecstasy! If you have been reading my blogs,… Continue reading My First Snow

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How To Heat An Apartment In Winter

I am always cold! What do I do? As the weather gets cooler and then turns to cold, I start figuring out what needs to be done to keep myself cosy and comfortable at home. What needs to be brought out from storage? What needs cleaning and when to weather strip my windows ( some… Continue reading How To Heat An Apartment In Winter


Interestingly American

“Your outfit is interesting,”she said. I thanked her. “Your are wearing an interesting cap,” he said. I thanked him. “The curry tastes interesting,” they said. I was delighted at the compliment. Little did I know! The Oxford English dictionary defines ‘Interesting’ as, arousing curiosity or interest; holding or catching the attention. So, a debate is… Continue reading Interestingly American


I was 10 years older!

I am not sure what it is about my brain and not registering numbers. As I write this I realize, that I can easily Google this information and then I will be on this insane rollercoaster ride of clicking on one URL after another and browsing through web page after web page of redundant information… Continue reading I was 10 years older!

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Birthday Shopping & Perks

It’s My Birthday-I’ll Be Ignorant If I Want! As I am growing older, I have been losing touch with a lot of my friends, letting go family contacts and that has basically caused one huge problem in my adult life. My birthday wishes, gifts and cards have dwindled to almost negligent. I really have only… Continue reading Birthday Shopping & Perks


Holiday Gifting

During the holidays, people often ask me if they must give “something” to their daughter’s teachers, the doorman or the garbageman. If so, how much is appropriate is always the next question. To me, as a teacher, fresh of the boat, back in 2011, I was appreciative of all the “help” I got during the… Continue reading Holiday Gifting