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Twelve Fun Facts About USA

Twelve fun facts about USA

Since my move to the United States, from India, I have traveled through several states, with the assumption that everything is the same in all states in USA. Obviously I was misinformed and so I continued to travel to see this country. Many a time, I have been very surprised by strange places that I have seen. I have also been amazed at the differences. While some instances have left me pretty spell bounded, hindering my everyday vacation activities.

Of course there are several more, but here are twelve fun facts you, like me, might find interesting to know/see.

  • Las Vegas casinos and bars are open 24 hours a day.

If ever you are down, lonely and need something to do, people watch, talk to people, one place is always Always open! Be it 5 am or 11pm, there are always people hanging out, drinking, playing poker and much more. There is always someone to talk to, someone to play with or somewhere you can go to be ‘alone’ among people.

Aria Poker room midday
  • Bergen county in New Jersey is the only county in the entire country, whose retail sector is closed on Sunday.

It is accepted and put off, as ‘the way things are.’ But when we first went to shop in Paramus, in one of the areas many many malls, the stores were closed on a Sunday. We didn’t understand and on asking people, realized it is a rule. If you want to know more about why- I really enjoyed this New Yorker article.

  • Arizona does not follow daylight saving time.

My friends from Tuscon, are always reminding me about this to prevent me from calling them when they are still asleep. It’s also fun to stand on the state line between Nevada and Arizona, at the Hoover Dam. Depending on the time of year, you can either be at the same time or a whole hour ahead.

Arizona time at the Hoover Dam
  • You can’t return alcohol in California.

Evidently I have gotten too used to return policies!!!
At the end of my week long stay in El Do Rado Hills, I went to return my unopened bottles of wine, just like I do after a party in my Jersey City, apartment. Why I had unopened bottles of wine? Mostly because my husband didn’t have dinner with me most nights and I had eagerly bought a bunch of their local wines to share with him.
Needless to say, I had to check in a couple of bottles of wine! They made it home safe, but I will not do that again.

  • People use horse carts to commute in parts of the country. ( Amish country. I saw it in Lancaster.)

It’s like going back in time when I was in Lancaster. Or, it’s like being in a different country.
You leave the tall building, hustle of the city and go into a land where time slows down. In Lancaster, like in other Amish towns, children run freely on the roads, clothes air dry on clothes lines and people commute in horse carriages.

Horse drawn carriage on the state road.
  • Haskell Library has a national border running through it. ( It is part in Vermont and part in Quebec)

I imagine this to be the most exciting library I would ever visit. I got to know about this library from a video series one of my students raved about. I cannot wait to go check it out. The History channel’s series has so many wonderful facts about the history and formation of this country.

  • New Jersey is the only state where people do not pump their own gas.

I took a road trip on my own, last summer and I cannot tell you how uncertain and uncomfortable I felt about having to pump my own gas. Despite knowing how, I do not feel confident enough to do it.. so much so I came back from Pennsylvania to New Jersey when I was running low. Boy! Do I need to learn!!!!

  • Navajo land ( Native Americans) in Arizona follow Daylight saving.

My watch kept doing a weird hour jump when I was driving through Arizona.

Navajo land in Arizona
  • Stores in Delaware, Montana, Oregon, and New Hampshire charge no sales tax. Besides if a shop is mailing you something to your home and does not have a store/warehouse in that state, it does not charge you sales tax.

On my trip to Portsmouth, NH, we stopped by a mall and picked up my mac. A huge saving, when no tax is added!!
I also used to ship my camera equipment from B and H in NYC and as long as there was no warehouse here in NJ, I managed to get my equipment tax free. Not any more though!

  • Driving in New York City, right turns are not allowed on a red light.

Must always stop at red! You never know when a person is walking by. Wait until it’s green to drive or turn. Even if you have a green to turn, pedestrians having a green as well, have a right of way!

  • America’s small town Kenneth Square is the Mushroom Capital of the World.

Driving through Kenneth Square, stores fronts advertise mushrooms, banners tell about the mushroom festival and every person in town has a mushroom story to share. I thought this was fun little tit bit to know.

  • Many restaurants in Las Vegas, do not understand BYOB.

On two separate occasions, not wanting to eat on the strip, I called a restaurant Ashwin and I wanted to eat at and tried to ask if we could bring our own bottle of wine. The strangest thing, they didn’t seem to understand what I wanted. I figured there was some communication gap, so we took a bottle with us to the restaurant, anyways.


Did you find any of these strange?
If you have more facts that you think are strange/puzzling/ odd/ surprising I would love to add them to the twelve fun facts about USA, post!

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