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Vegan In Boston

I spent a day, on my weekend trip to Boston, eating at Vegan and vegan friendly places. I definitely recommend these places to Vegetarian or Vegan visiting Boston. Of course there are more, but these were my favorite three options for a vegan in Boston. Boston is a quick, easy weekend getaway from New York City. It’s a wonder I do not do go there more!! ?

Boston is a perfect town to visit. Really it is. To me it is an ideal American City; a city that satisfies my image of an American City to be. (It is not the only one with those credentials, but ranks pretty high. I am still partial to NYC. ) With over 50 colleges in the area it is a young, lively and fun town. There is great transportation, good accommodation, wonderful stores and a variety of restaurants to satisfy anybody. The city does well for itself in terms of history, cleanliness and entertainment as well.

I have always enjoyed my travels when all my senses are satisfied, especially my sense of taste.😉 Even if the place is not as great as it is made out to be, I guess if my tastes are satisfied, the place becomes the best vacation, or among the top trips. But in Boston, I had best both worlds– there is lots to see and do, and even more to satisfy my appetite.

Every time I go to a restaurant and the only thing on the menu is a salad with gorgonzola cheese, some aubergine entree or a portabella burger, a little piece of me dies (Not really, but it definitely feels like that!). And unless I am really starving, I will not eat at a place that substitutes its mains with seitan giving it a meat name. I want to eat authentic vegetarian food; eat food the the way it was originally meant to be.

Lunch Vegan In Boston

When I chanced upon My Thai Vegan Cafe online, I was ecstatic. When I went there, the restaurant thoroughly lived up to my expectations. Almost everything about the place is perfection. The tables and chairs are simple, but the restaurant is filled with healthy plants, which rates very high in my book :). The place is spacious and clean. And the choice of food is everything I can ask for. My only complaint is that some of the waiters cannot speak English and are not not much help while ordering.

Vegan In Boston

For lunch, Ashwin ordered the Thai Ice tea, made with coconut milk, and not cow’s milk. The drink was light, sweet and refreshing on the first hot day of the year. We got fried wontons to start, which were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. I enjoyed it despite the veggie-chicken, tofu, mushrooms that filled them. Our yellow curry came in a coconut and had pieces of soft fresh coconut on it. I am always eyeing food Asian food that is served in pineapples, bamboos or coconuts. Almost always I cannot eat it since the dish has meat. I finally got my fancy dish. It was exciting, flavorful and was presented in a very unique way! (YUM!!! I have no no other words for that!!) We also ordered a red curry that was served with jasmine rice. This dish is regular sautéed vegetables in curry– tasted good, but not mush else I can say about it. I guess everything pleased me; especially since I didn’t have to specify that I wanted the food without fish sauce. Hurrah for Vegan Thai!

Vegan In Boston
Thai divine(ness)!!


When I looked up Piattini on Newberry Street, I knew I had to somehow eat there. Their online menu had Vegan Ravoli and Organic Wine!! So, for a celebratory dinner and a little splurge this place is perfect.

Not having reservations on a Friday Evening, we had to wait for about forty minutes before we got a table outside. It was a perfect 80 degree day and waiting on Newberry Street, has its advantages, there are lots of stores to browse.

The wine selection at the restaurant is good, but I am not sure their single wine pour was accurate 🤔 It seemed rather small ( Or was that because I asked to taste a wine, before choosing another? 😞). The salad which we shared delightful. They were nice enough to substitute the Gorgonzola with Parmesan cheese. (Ashwin ate most of the cheese with some salad 🙂 ) They brought out bread only after we requested for it and had ordered our entrées ( which I was not super pleased about, since other tables with only drinks, got their bread).

Vegan In Boston
Vegan pasta

The star of the night was the root vegetable vegan ravioli. 👼 The dough was soft and filling flavorful and light. I did crave a little more sauce on the pasta, but over all I was happy. The only problem with the dish, is that with four pieces of ravioli, it was not filling! Luckily I got to share some of Ashwin’s Spinach Fettuccine, which was a good size (possibly even large enough to split amidst two light eaters.) The pesto with a little added salt and red pepper flakes become pretty close to perfect. I would definitely come back here for more of their vegan choices.


If Ashwin and I were to vote for our favorite eatery in Boston it would be Flour Bakery And Cafe. As the name says its a bakery and cafe. The community feel to the place is fantastic. I enjoyed watching locals come in of their coffee and french toast each morning who often greeted one another as they sipped on their beverage and read the newspaper. We visited two of their four locations and made plans on how to convince them to open a branch in NYC.

Vegan in Boston
Flour Bakery

I loved their French toast. It is definitely not vegan, but I do not particularly mind egg being in my food, so long as i cannot taste or smell it :). It is the same for the twice baked Brioche. My vegan lunch sandwich was a mix of chunky hummus, green mint chutney and a cumin and cabbage slaw squished between toasted multigrain bread. The secret ingredient was flakes of fresh orange turmeric. It gave me interesting ideas of what I should be churning out of my kitchen. It was healthy, filling and delicious.

Vegan in Boston
Flour Bakery and Cafe

P.S–Most of the restaurants I chose to visit are easily accessible from the hotel we stayed at in Back Bay. They are all within a 1/2 hour walk of each other.

This post first appeared on my planstandgrains website. But now I am merging that with journalsfromamerica.
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