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America’s Woman Of The World Interviews

America’s Woman Of The World” ( AmericaWOW), is a project which sprung out of my desire to learn about other countries and cultures, without leaving the United States. I wanted to celebrate the diversity of the country and found interesting stories in lives of woman living in the United States. Having moved from other countries, there were common threads that bound us all- difficulties we faced, memories of the country left behind and love for this one. JournalsFromAmerica shares what I heard from these woman, with you.

The project aims at learning about the world, it’s people and what makes this country home. It is from the point of view of woman who are from those places, living in America. I have published a few on the website. And hope to continue publishing more.

As part of getting to know different cultures and different ways of life, I am looking to interview and photograph women who immigrated to the United States from different parts of the world.

If you are interested in being interviewed- as a writer, I would love to be able to ask you some questions and as a photographer, take some photos of your life and world. I hope to be able to ask you questions about what you found difficult to adjust to? Why you moved? What are some of the things you miss about from your country of birth and so on.

Project AmericaWOW aims at appreciating what makes this country so diverse and so wonderful. It aims at learning about lives other than our own. It aims to showcase what it is about this country that makes it home to so many. It also hopes to help others coming in, and trying to find their bearings sooner.

If you are a woman who has  chosen to call The United States your home, having left the one you were born in, and if you would be interested in being one of the guests I interview for ‘AmericaWOW, please send me an email and I would enjoy sharing your story with the world.

Contact – tara@journalsfromamerica.com

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