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Libraries In The United States Of America

What really blows my mind about living in USA,
Are the incredible, free public libraries here; I have to say!
Take for granted, these institutions, if you may,
I for one, appreciate their matter – black, white and even gray.

Every city, town, and even the smallest neighborhood,
has a library for the community’s good.
There’s something in there for every mood
Not just for me and you, but even the uninterested dude.

Libraries are places to read, share, study, learn and meet,
Or play chess, color, maybe do something off beat.
I go on snowy days to warm my icy nose and super cold feet,
Or on gloomy days, when I want to chat, read, and have a snack to eat.

I stop by the library every town I travel to,
And learn what the locals like, read and do.
I chat with the librarians, patrons or any library crew,
Before I leave, used dollar, books come with me two by two.

The bigger the cities, the more spaces for the libraries to use,
With more books, resources, programs – not just by Dr. Seuss!
Some believe, bookstores are for them! Libraries for the poor- they deduce.
Well I think it’s a place every lucky person living in USA, should not refuse.

To think so many Indians, just as I, grew up without such an institution,
these peaceful, sacred, places of learning, with no noise pollution!
Credit goes to Benjamin Franklin for this evolution,
I wish for every student, every county to have this revolution.

Free libraries should be everywhere,
This is my wish for the world, for which I care.
Grateful, I am to have knowledge for free, to learn and share,
Living in a world without libraries, I DO NOT dare!

The Rose Room in New York City Public Library’s biggest branch.
Ogunquit, Maine library. Open year round even in the freezing winter.
A view of the Hudson River in the distance and more to look out at from the Nyack, NY public library.
Inside the Ogunquit library.

My Take–

  1. Go to the libraries. Use them. Work in them. Borrow a book.

  2. Libraries are taken for granted in the United States. It’s a luxury in so many countries, that do not have them at all!

  3. It’s the one institution I donate to, every year. In my own small way, I hope for them to be always funded. I hope for them to be always supporting the community I live and work in.



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6 thoughts on “Libraries In The United States Of America

  1. Interesting observations. Libraries I am afraid are highly underrated and sadly do not appeal to so many . I can understand, as an immigrant myself I could never take these for granted. So much to obtain and a perfect view of our tax dollars at work !

    1. Ashok, it really is sad that so many people do not appreciate the libraries here. In fact so many of my friends do not even have library cards. 🙁
      I am always trying to tell them that these institutions are gems, I cannot take them for granted, and are worth being members of!

    1. I know, right??! Kid lost in a candy store for sure.
      I went inside my first one when I came to visit this country, before I moved.
      I still feel like that! So many delicious books to look at.
      Everytime I go, I walk back with a backpack full! I think a couple of books will do! But they never are. They never are! ☺️

  2. Oh I love and adore libraries.From the time I was 18years and completed High School I have been going every week end to the British Library in Chennai,India. Only recently I stopped my membership.They have drastically reduced the books.And I started buying books and making my own personal library.But I miss going to Libraries and so I go to the Jersey City Library on my visits to that city.

    1. I read this quote on a bag at the Strand bookstore which said something like if you go to someone’s home and they don’t have books, RUN… Or something like that! 🙂
      👍 to personal libraries.

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