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Vegetarian/Vegan In Portsmouth, New Hampshire

There are several vegetarian and vegan food options in Portsmouth, NH.
I have realized, that in every reasonably populated town in the North East, the food options for people with dietary restrictions is pretty good! Whether it CT, VT, RI or NY, restaurants are aware of what vegetarianism is and care about people with allergies.

Being a vegetarian is not as difficult as it was 10 years ago, when waiters served liver in your soup and when you reminded them, that you were vegetarian, simply pulled out the liver and delivered the same soup to you . :))

Portsmouth, NH has abundant options for people with dietary restrictions. My favorite and top of the list is the Thai restaurant Green Elephant. Their food tastes fantastic; the food is presented with elegance and the service is very friendly.

Red Curry at Green Elephant
Fancy cocktails!

When The Green Elephant is closed, we still craved Thai and landed up at the Thai Bistro, another cozy place with delicious food. If I remember correctly, they only had a selection of wine and beer as far as drinks went. they had plenty of ‘Jai’ (vegetarian food) dishes, which were really really good. We particularly like their Jai fried rice.

I enjoyed dinner at The Friendly Toast with inexpensive drinks, especially at Happy Hour. The service friendly and portions big. It is diner style food and some Mexican options which is fun when you don’t want anything fancy.

We ate at the Book and Bar, because well we love books and eating a soup, salad like meal among books in a community setting is my idea of a perfect vacation lunch. Their selection is limited, but the vegetarian salad and sandwich were really good.

Photo Dec 23, 12 55 53 PM.jpg
At Book and Bar

Radici is a nice, homely, Italian restaurant right on Market Street. The service is the best part of the restaurant, though I did enjoy the Pasta too. 🙂

Photo Dec 23, 7 13 50 PM.jpg
Tiramisu at Radici

Breaking Grounds Coffee is a great place to stop by and enjoy a breakfast pastry, an after dinner treat with a cup of coffee or tea.

Photo Dec 22, 8 27 57 PM.jpg
Coffee at Breaking ground

Another time that we were at Portsmouth, we dined at The Portsmouth Brewery, which had a surprisingly good selection of Vegetarian friendly dishes. I enjoyed the salads, but not sure I would eat the burger or pasta again. Of course being in a brewery, with its selection of beers and enjoying a meal with a large group, is always a pleasure.

The Brewery

For Mexican food and drinks we headed to Agave Mexican Bistro, where margaritas were abundant and meal portions were large. The vegetarian dinner plate is filling and has a great selection of of flavors. I am partial to their salad bowls, served in the crisp tortilla shell.

Vegetarian platter at Agave
Entree salad

We also ate at Salt Bar and Kitchen at Wentworth By The Sea. The portions were rather small, but the food tasted very good.
We did a take out from Shalimar Indian Cuisine, but the food was too spicy for my likes.

My list, is by no means comprehensive, especially with new places are popping up everyday, and existent restaurants seem to be adding to their menu.

A great vacation with fun things to do and fun places to eat at.
Cheers to Portsmouth, A perfect winter getaway with delicious vegetarian offerings.

A shorter version of this post first appeared on my PlantsAndGrains blog. But in an attempt to compile all my work into one location, I am reposting it here.
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      I really like that in that small town there are so many choices for places to eat. Makes us want to go back again and again. 🙂

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