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Eat Healthy, Make Merry & Save

Since living in close proximity to Manhattan, we are, constantly, being made aware of what goes into our bodies. I am way more health conscious than ever before – eating organic food as and when possible, choosing salads over other foods and snacking on nuts rather than a fried snack. Good, nutritious foods come at a very high cost. Yet we choose them, hoping to stay healthy in the long run and save on medical bills in the future.

Photo Nov 05, 3 56 40 PM.jpg
Fresh produce section. I got a box of organic spring mix for about $4!

The way media makes me feel, I almost believe that I have been eating garbage and chemicals my whole life. ( I suppose I am getting a little carried away. 😔)

Now, most of our vegetables, the milk we drink and other dairy products are grown without chemicals (organic.) Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to choose to buy quinoa, dried fruit and nuts that are organic. They are simply too expensive in the retail grocery store.

Which is one of the reasons I have a Costco membership. It may seem counterintuitive to get a Costco membership for two people living in an apartment with not much space for storage. It may seem strange to shop in bulk when we are trying to eat smaller portions of healthy food.  And it may also be weird to get a membership for a store that is nowhere in the the vicinity for someone not owning a car.

Photo Nov 05, 4 37 37 PM (1).jpg
4.5 pound bag of organic quinoa at $11.50!

I avoided getting a  Costco membership all these years! Large quantities, no space, distance and no car. Now I know better.

Costco sells so much organic food at rates that seem way more affordable than the retail stores, I am constantly amazed. Comparing grocery shopping at a Manhattan food store would not allow me to have the things I have and liberally eat. Organic walnuts, dates, quinoa and avocado olive are now in plenty, in my home. The only difficulty was having to re-organize my kitchen shelves in order to be able to store the large bags of organic brown rice, chia seeds, chocolates 😉 and other supplies!


More organic snacks

Is Costco worthwhile for someone without a car? Will a New Yorker find it worthwhile to spend fifty something dollars on a wholesale membership? Considering the looks I’ve got when I’ve told people some of my stuff is from Costco, I am not sure!
My opinion – it just makes sense.
But really, who I am to talk? I live in Jersey ( despite being in Jersey City, which is 5 minutes out of the city! 😉 ) Living in New York promotes non car living- a very different lifestyle than the rest of the country! Still Costco is worth it. They ship most of their stuff for free with the membership.

Photo Nov 05, 4 21 14 PM.jpg
Everyone needs an affordable treat every now and again.

Drinks and Costco

You learn to drink if you live in the United States- socially and at home. Ashwin and I have learned to enjoy our wines. Again, good wines can be expensive! We also enjoy having a small bar at home, with a variety of spirits.

We happened to be driving by Edison in New Jersey and decided to pop into the Costco there. Lo and Behold, they had an entire liquor section. Brands of whiskey and wine that we really enjoyed were at prices cheaper than we had ever seen them at.

You know where we spent out time and money that evening!

Appliances: My Vitamix is from Costco! It is a different modal from that at William Sonoma, but I got it for $310 as opposed to $$$. And it works just fine. I first bought a Ninja from them, but had to give it back, cause it just did not work for me. I could do that with Costco! Great appliances, get prices and refunds.

My vitamix
Photo Nov 05, 4 58 17 PM.jpg
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If you continue eating the same amount you used to, without getting carried away with having more good food at affordable rates, then Costco’s organic and healthy food options will have you coming out a winner.

So, if you are wondering what to spend money on this holiday season, I highly recommend a Costco Membership. If you are not convinced by the healthy food choices, read more about Costco’s other perks.

Gosh! It’s sounds like I am writing this post in partnership with Costco.
But no! I am not.
I am just sharing what I wish I knew before I knew it.


This post first appeared on my PlantsAndGrains blog. But in an attempt to compile all my work into one location, I am reposting it here.
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3 thoughts on “Eat Healthy, Make Merry & Save

  1. I love Costco too. One of my favorite in USA.. The quality of food products is just fantastic . I am able to shop as my daughter is a member everything about Costco. Sometimes I just walk around and browse through, makes me feel good.

    1. 🙂 Ha Ha! It’s crazy how we get so loyal to brands!
      We have so many things that we still wish we could buy from there, but cannot imagine what we would do with so much.
      Thank you for reading the post and sharing it. 💕
      Happy Holidays!

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