To The NYC Tourist

There’s more to New York than Central Park
or seeing Time Square when it’s dark.
One World Trade does not a New York make
neither is the number one dessert Carlos’ cake.

Macy isn’t where we usually shop
nor do we frequent the Empire State’s top.
Fifth Ave isn’t our usual route
nor is Wall Street where we hang out.

If it’s New York City you want to see,
Look for where a New Yorker finds glee.
Else you’ll go home with ideas quite distressing,
that New York is crowded, rude, dirty. Not a blessing!

I suggest pick a couple of neighborhoods,
Yelp a good cafe and eat their baked goods.
Talk to a local, wander the streets,
who knows? You may find a hidden treat!

West Village is my favorite spot,
Washington Square Park is my go to – cold or hot.
I love seeing the courtyard of O’Henry’s Last Leaf,
the last wooden house stole my heart just like a thief.

Central Park and Bryant Park have their charm,
Bowery has great food & to think it used to be a farm!
Pick a museum, maybe two,
catch a show, with a unique hue.

Hope you get to see the New York locals love,
not some tourist version seen from high above.
Hope you get a taste of this amazing city,
not what’s advertised and isn’t all that pretty!

—— The End

Washington Square Park

Bryant Park In Winter

Museum of Modern Art’s Temporary exhibit

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5 thoughts on “To The NYC Tourist

    1. 😊 Aww.. Thanks! I talk in rhyme too much- might as well use it on the blog.
      Love the use of the word ‘succinctly.’
      Locals know it but when it comes to people visiting, it’s so hard for me to tell them that Time Square is NOT new York!
      Thanks for coming over to read it. 🙏

      1. I have a soft spot for Times Square in and of itself, but you’re right – it’s not the real New York City!

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