A Few Hours In Sacramento

I spent only a few hours in Sacramento and despite all the history, museums and government buildings, I decided to simply wander around some of the streets in historic Sacramento and peek into some shopping and residential areas of the city. I like to get the feel of the city and going to see ‘sights,’ does not allow me to do so.

Driving into the city, I am fascinated by how clean and well laid out the entire city is. The roads are laid out in a grid marked alphabetically from East to West and numerically going North-South, making their marketing slogan, “Shop The Grid” and “Eat The Grid.”

There are a bunch of things to do in Historic Downtown. I glanced into a few of them. The Railway Museum seems very popular, with several school groups touring it on a weekday. I enjoyed knowing that the museum was built on the site where the railways started on the West Coast uniting the country’s Eastern railroads at Mississippi.

Railway Museum

Right across the street from the Railway museum is the Wells Fargo Museum and then the The California Welcome Center, which has some historic exhibits, besides information on the Historic Ferry Schedule. I passed a bunch of souvenir shops and other random stores while heading to the Sacramento River just behind the Visitors Center. Delta King an old ship that is now a hotel and has a restaurant stood at on the banks of the river. I decided I did was done with being in the tourist part of town and headed over to Midtown Sacramento.



I really liked the this part of town. It was residential on all the numerical streets, with beautiful large mansions and green lawns, while J, K and L streets have quaint restaurants and unique shops. At lunch, it was nice to see people out to lunch with their friends, talking and eating, not glued to their phones. As I walked down the street, I chatted with an old woman who walked from her senior living center to the Starbucks, down the street about dogs and their breeds. Just a few minutes prior, a man, seeing me with my camera, initiated conversations about cameras, phones, print and digital medium. If there one thing I loved about Sacramento, it would have to be how friendly and chatty people are. Or is that every person in California?

University Art store on J Street
Photo Oct 03, 12 10 29 PM (1).jpg
Veg Cafe for lunch.
Houses/neighborhoods that I only see in the suburbs, right in midtown.

Sunshine, blue skies, beautiful trees, friendly people and some nice shops and restaurants made Sacramento a good stop for a few hours, when one has some time off visiting or working in El Dorado County and around.

My Take– 

  1. There is more to do in Sacramento.
    I just wasn’t up to it.
  2. Next time I want to see the Crocker Art Museum.
  3. Put down your phone, camera and look around.

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2 thoughts on “A Few Hours In Sacramento

  1. Lovely post. It perfectly captures the tranquility of wandering around a new location and just taking it all in rather than seeing a list of sights. I felt the same way when I visited San Diego.

  2. Thanks Justin.
    Both you and Lynn are so encouraging and sweet to read the posts.

    Sometimes it’s just nice for me to let go and not pressure myself to do something/see something. Getting myself out, was the only thing I was going to push myself for that day. 😉

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