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Dream To Move To New York City

I am 17, I live in Oklahoma my dream is to move to NYC. Do you have any advice?
It looks so beautiful there.

My Answer–
I too like many others, had this dream. In 2010, I was lucky enough to visit New York City like so may others, I Fell In Love with the place!! I worked hard at getting a job and a little over a year after that, I moved here.

Skyline in 2011

When I first came to visit, I did not even know New York city was different from New York State. I then realized NYC was not just a city, but was a HUGE city. It had 5 boroughs that it was made up of – Manhattan + Brooklyn + Queens + Bronx + Staten Island. Most people talk only about Manhattan, when they say New York City.

I think the pros of living in New York City are many- 
– You can be whoever you want and do whatever you dream of.
– You are exposed to the world in terms of food, culture, people and art.
– You live like an equal among the poor and the rich, the famous and the common.
– You walk and everyone else does too.
– There are things to interest everyone. If nothing, just wandering the streets can melt away troubles.
– You have the pleasure of experiences all the seasons and even on the coldest, snowiest days people are out and about.
– You can learn pretty much anything and everything in NYC – music, taxidermy, writing, art history, coding, photography……..
– Almost all of Manhattan is safe, ( but of course, be cautious if you are out late at night.)
– With some spadework, a lot of your entertainment and off work entertainment can be for free. There is a lot for free in the city!

I think things to look out for, are
– How expensive things are!
Housing and food. You can live in the parts of Harlem, Queens, Brooklyn or Hoboken (NJ) for cheaper housing, but requires extensive searching.
– Rely on public transport
My sister-in-law from a suburb in Texas is always shocked at how much something as basic as a parking garages, here, charge us for monthly parking.
– Get used to the idea of living in small spaces, with room-mates, with basic possessions.
– It is really hard to make friends and meet new people when you haven’t gone to school here. ( I speak from experience– )
– When you are sick, things are not easy since you have to walk most places or use public transport.
– People can seem in a hurry
And they seem that way because they are; But that does not mean they will not stop to help you, if you ask.
– It takes a few years to get in the rhythm of the city.
Yet, once you are in the groove, it’s hard to love any other place as much.

With that said, I definitely think you should keep an open mind and as Einstein said, “It’s 99 percent perspiration and 1 percent inspiration.” You are already inspired to move to come to New York, now all that’s left is working towards it.

  1. Try to take a trip and see what you like about it, where you feel comfortable and what excites you.
  2. If you want to study here- apply everywhere, to as many schools as you can!
  3. Make plans and then if when the time comes, they are not what you want, scrap them and make new ones.
  4. Start reading about NewYork. Get to know it. It will help you talk about it.
  5. Continue dreaming ……




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