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An Artist Without A Signature

I have no training in art,
I trained in Math cause I thought that was smart.
I guess alls well it played it’s part,
It helped me come to NYC for a fresh start.

I taught in a school and had no time to learn,
weather it was art, lifestyles of about trees and ferns.
I waited for the season to summer turn,
I tried my hand at painting, ceramics avoided a sunburn.

I painted freehand, forgetting shadows,
despite just copying form photos.
Brushstrokes, techniques and methods, I had no,
All my work had colors overshadowed.

I realize I like arts- all the kinds I can find,
DIY, ceramics, painting, crafts – copies or one of a kind.
Now, I want to create and own what’s designed,
I no longer teach, instead create full time.

Functional pottery inspired by nature is my current obsession,
Yesterday, it was rattling bowls that were my expression.
Tomorrow my art may be the painting that needs progression,
Oh! I am never mastering one! That’s a confession.

Artists are meant to have their own signature, their style,
I have too many things I want to learn and do, in my file.
I’ll just have to make peace that Jack Of All Trades is going to be my Jive,
And do whatever makes me smile.

I know for one, I’ll have color in my life,
And a hobby, even if it’s not sharp like a knife.
As an artist, I may always have an internal strive,
Of never having one signature in this short life.

Some of the things I created– paintings, decoupage, ceramics, photo stylings, mixed medium…..


My Take–

  1. Art is a wonderful thing. It accepts you no matter what. So do not worry about the rules. Just enjoy it.
  2. Everyone can do art, you just have to sit down and do it.
  3. Try everything!
  4. You may or may not ever have one single passion- that’s okay!
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4 thoughts on “An Artist Without A Signature

  1. Well said, and poetically written. Loved it maybe will get inspired by this and try something new. I love the bold colors in your art. ???

  2. I love that you did this in rhyme! In my time getting to know you, I can definitely see that creativity is present in everything you do. This post captures that perfectly πŸ™‚

    P.S. Sorry for the late comment but for some reason I haven’t been getting notifications so I updated my subscriptions and hopefully that will rectify itself!

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