New Yorkers Travel 350 Days A Year

If you are fortunate enough to live in New York, like I do, you know that vacation is when you stop sightseeing and doing new things. You stop seeing new things only for two weeks of the year, basically when you are on vacation.

If you do not live here, you will just have to take my word on it.

It took me a while to realize, but once I took time to really understand why I was tired all the time- I figured, it’s cause I am always traveling. It’s a strange kind of travel; it’s one that involves my sleeping in the same bed, living in the same apartment, but rarely ever doing the same thing again and rarely seeing the same things over.

Photo Dec 26, 3 36 10 PM.jpg
5th ave with holiday lights
Water, colors and quintessential NYC yellow cab.

Take one of my summer weekends as an example.

After having lived in this city for 6 years, I had 2 ‘new’ dining experiences at restaurants I had never been to, but which have been around for a while; I went to the Neue museum, a museum I hadn’t been to before and wandered about Untermyer Gardens, not far outside the city, that only recently opened its doors to the public.

I mean… Come on! That’s what I expect to do in a new city.

Richard Gerstl at the Neue Gallerie
Uva – Italian restaurant on the Upper East Side, Manhattan.
Untermyer Garden in Yonkers.

Over the years, I have gotten used to a bunch of annual events and there are artists and vendors I look forward to seeing each year. Yet I am almost always drawn to something new to see, somewhere new to go and someplace new opening. It is rare that I walk down a street , that I have not been on in a few months, without spotting something new or different on it. If there are no new stores or restaurants that have popped up, the people rushing across the street or exploring travelers alway make that day’s journey fun. You never know who you will bump into and what will come out of a casual interaction.

Temporary Michelangelo exhibit at Oculus.  Stumbled onto it, when I got off at the station one morning.

Chrysler, NYPL and tourists.

Crysler, NYPL and tourists.


I always questioned vacations that NewYorkers took. In my travels I always try to see everything, be everywhere and eat everything In turn I return home exhausted.

Now, Finally! I understand why NewYorkers like to vacation in a villa in Italy or a resort in Costa Rica or perhaps spend two weeks on a ship, eating, drinking and sleeping.

Cruise from Manhattan.

A vacation is a time to stop traveling, it’s a time to drink copious amounts of alcohol (wine if you want to be fancy about it) while laying in a garden/backyard, beach or the deck of a giant cruise ship, dreaming of having big mansions to live in and vast open spaces to look at.

It took me a while to understand why people always went on vacation and didn’t really do anything or go see anything new. Why they just stayed put in one location and started afar.

A New Yorker’s vacation is them giving their senses a break, dreaming about the open spaces, and a living a work-free, stress-free life. The two week vacation is our time to rest and live a travel free life. I wonder if I am becoming one of them now?

My Take–

( Maybe more or a reminder for me to slow down)
  1. Take a break and rest even in Manhattan. Do not do anything new one weekend.
  2. Take a book to the park and read there for extended periods.
  3. Make a day of just enjoying your apartment.
    Cook there, clean it and lay on the couch. Enjoy your home.
  4. Take short day trips to a garden, the Hudson valley, Jersey Shore, where there is less stimuli.
Spending an afternoon staring at the Hudson River.



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7 thoughts on “New Yorkers Travel 350 Days A Year

    1. Dear HalalSenorita– I think it is fantastic to dream. And to go after it. That’s how I landed up in This wonderful city. I would definitely have tips/ advice, but I do not want to be hasty and write about it quickly. Give me a couple of weeks and I promise, I will have some words on moving. 🙂

        1. Like I said in the blog, it’s safe, be cautious at night. ( I moved on my own.)
          I would suggest that you start by staying in one of the busy areas of Manhattan ( be it a tiny tiny room and for a few days.) This will give you confidence about the safety and will help you figure out where to go from there.

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