I was 10 years older!

I am not sure what it is about my brain and not registering numbers. As I write this I realize, that I can easily Google this information and then I will be on this insane rollercoaster ride of clicking on one URL after another and browsing through web page after web page of redundant information on why annual time keeping is such an issue for my brain. That will lead me to completely avoid really writing about being twenty-five for ten years of my life. For today, I am not falling down that rabbit hole. Instead I am actually going to ponder on this life menacing dilemma.

Version 2
What is it??

I am not sure what it is about my brain that only likes numbers that are in between. I am always documenting years from July of a year to June of the next, instead of from January to December like a normal person. I make yearly photo books and they are all documented mid year to mid year. It is probably the same thing that keeps me in at a certain age for years together.

Catalogue photo books midyear to midyear.


It’s not that I have a problem with it. It’s just that when people ask me how old I was when something happened, my answers are almost always incorrect. To which the response I get is, “really? WoW!” Then I have to go back and think about how old I really was, do some mental calculations from the year I was born and so on followed by actually give out the correct answer, which I should have really done in the first place.

But, I didn’t think anyone was counting; Or really cared.
I guess I was wrong.

When I am out with Ashwin that’s when the real problem occurs. People seem puzzled when I tell them how old I am followed by how long I’ve been married. I presume there are thoughts of Indian arranged marriages and child marriage issues. My husband is (mildly) annoyed with my inability to work with dates and numbers– seeing as he has no trouble with them. He still remembers my phone number from high school and the number plate on my first car. I mean- Come on!!


What is it about my brain keeping record of time any way it wants, rather than following the norm? What is it that makes me capable of keeping time on a day to day bases, but not long term? Who am I to make all these analysis? For now, for my everyday conversations, I just aged ten years in a day. IN A DAY, people!!! I am now 35. Probably, will be for the next ten years.


My Take– 

  1. Embrace your age.
    When you are actually 40, but your brain thinks you are 35, how awesome will that be?
  2. Question everything, but let it not mess your brain.
    Sometimes a reason will not help you at all.
  3. Rejoice being in your 30s ( or whatever stage of life you are at).
    Like Nora Ephron wrote- write more, take more photos. In the future, you will look fondly on your images from this stage.
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