Horses, Stables & Bourbon Y’all

I wish I never ever forget the South, where  we were greeted with big smiles and “how are y’all this beutiful** braht*** mornin?”, where Ashwin had aigs* for breakfast, I had me some grits and biscuit. I hope I don’t forget the people that said they lived in the country and that didn’t bother ’em none. I want to always remember the horses, bourbon, crafts and people of The South.

We landed in Louisville, a short two hour flight in the tiniest aircraft I’ve ever flown in. The airplane was operated by United Express and was so tiny, my poor husband was not even able to stand upright inside the flight. ? The service was excellent, the flight took off on time and they landed a whole half hour early. The small clean Louisville airport was great, with a clearly marked area if you are getting picked up by Uber. Can we have that at EWR and JFK please??

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Reserved for Uber at the Airport

The restaurants and cafes we chose to hang out at were great. Thanks to “Yelp” we were very satisfied finding vegetarian/ vegan food where we went. ( Blogpost on food on Plants and grains, shortly.)

Louisville has a bunch of museums and science centers, if you are into that. We didn’t stop at any, but were told that the Portland Museum is really good. While talking to locals around, most said there wasn’t much that excited them in things they would do in Louisville, they mostly stayed home and grilled on their day off. But in Lexington, we were told Louisville is more happening than Lexington because, “their bars stay open until 4am, while ours close at 2!!”

There were some really fun store in downtown Louisville. What we thought was super cool is the town had bike lanes and was building its own bike share program, like our City Bikes. I also thought their historic library was great. It was clean, had a good selection of books and a large area to work in. The friendly staff, told us about how the historic building is still preserved as it was long ago, pre segregation.

My reason for landing at Louisville versus Lexington was because I wanted to drive down the Old Frankfort Pike while heading into Lexington. And boy! did that road blow my mind!! An unobtrusive entry, one we could just as easily miss and take the highway instead, lead us into the land of horse farms and stables. To say that these horse farms are big is the biggest understatement! We saw a farm that had it’s own horse race track in it. Horses roam freely in the farm and move together in groups. These were the healthiest and most understanding horses I had ever seen. There are several options for horse farm tours, if you want to get up close and personal.


Stables!!!! Way bigger than mansions.

Lexington had a fun and active downtown. Stores closed early, but restaurants and bars stayed open late, ( presumably until 2! 😉 ) Bars had great menus, especially if you wanted to try bourbon. Talking of which, we had to do at least one distillery while we were there. No surprise that we picked Woodford Reserve, one of the oldest distillery and a national monument. We were part of a large group of all American men and woman who took the tour. I enjoyed learning about what makes Bourbon, bourbon. A huge part of why it’s made in Kentucky, is the well water there is iron free, making it perfect to make the whiskey. The smell of the evaporating alcohol, took me by surprise in the Barrel room. The tour ended with a fancy, informative tasting of the 3 types of whiskey they make. Cheers Y’all.

Loaded barrels at transported thus.


The rolling horse farms, hundreds of barrels of bourbon and some restaurants made quite an impression on me. Besides going back for these, I seem to have left without listening to any bluegrass! It seems my trip to Kentucky is left unfinished and I will have to return to finish what I have left undone and reunite with Limoncello and Curlin’- Foxy Sox, the 1 year old horses I fell in love with.


** beautiful

*** bright



After thought– 

“No place is uninteresting to an interested eye,” wrote Pico Iyer in Destination Nowhere, an essay that ran in the June 2017 issue of the National Geographic. This line resonated with me and perfectly, put my sentiments in words. I have not understood people questioning my desire to see America, a country I now call home. When I got back and read the latest issue, it all became clear.

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