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Andy Warhol Is Everywhere

Every since I first heard of Andy Warhol in Mana Contemporary in Jersey City, I have seen his name in every museum I have been to. I read on the placard by his work that he was a silk screen printer. My ignorant self had no idea what that was.

@ Mana Contemporary, JC
Photo Jan 20, 1 51 11 PM.jpg
@the Whitney Museum

While I saw his name everywhere, including on the bar of chocolate from the Portland Museum Of art, more questions developed in my mind. Who is this artist? And why is he so famous? What is silk screen printing? Is it still famous today? What else is Andy Warhol famous for?

@ The MOMA

Obviously my best bet was to go to Wikipedia.
I learnt a little and then my search led me to and I got some brief info there and got to see a lot of his art.
This is my Andy Warhol 101 type of thing. ūüôā

  1. There is a museum solely dedicated to his art in his city of birth, Pittsburg.
  2. He was prominent in promoting and developing,¬†“Pop Art” a form of art derived from pop culture and advertising.
  3. He is not just famous for the screen printing, he was also a film director. ?
  4. He was an illustrator first.
  5. Campbell Tomato Soup and portraits of Marilyn Monroe were works of art I had seen before, but not realized they were by Andy Warhol.
  6. He has a bridge named after him in Pittsburg.
  7. His silk screen printing is by characteristic hard edges and flat areas of color.
  8. He legitimized the silkscreen technique that previously had been employed only for commercial use.
  9. He¬†selected motifs from areas of consumer society‚ÄĒhe pushed at and extended the limits of art, design, and commerce.
  10. He is most recognized for his sensitivity to social trends, subtle political commentary, and ability to stylize everyday objects into masterpieces.

That’s what i’ve learnt so far and information that I can carry around in my little art brain.

My mother decided I need some edible art- Andy Warhol chocolate straight from the Portland Museum Of Art.


Chocolate Andy Bar form Portland Museum Of Art


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