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Performing Art- A Good Deal

It is absolutely exhilarating to come out of a theater having watched performers act live. My mind feels at peace having spent two hours or more completely immersed in a show. My lips repeat the dialogues and songs that will over taken my being for the next few hours. I laugh about the scenes from the show, as I discuss them with my husband. Despite my body feeling a little stiff from the crammed seats of a Broadway theater, I am more free and in a better mood than when I went in.

The down side to theater is the cost. I continually have to convince myself that it is worth it and that you have to pay for art! The rents have to be paid, the electricity, the sounds and lights and sets must be in place, the theater cleaned, ushers to help me and of course the actors to be paid to make me feel as great as I do.

Photo Jul 09, 1 35 14 PM.jpg
$102 after the 40% discount. Can’t go to the theater as often!

To look for a bargain, I always look at TKTS App. I choose the play/ musical I want to watch and go to the booths, which are at a few locations in Manhattan. I go to the South Street Seaport one, for a line free ticket buying experience. I also like that in the winter the theaters get together and have NYC Broadway Week– two for the price of one for popular shows such as Aladdin and Wicked, which never get up on Broadway. This year it is Jan 17- Feb 5, 2017.

There are also a bunch of apps to directly buy tickets from. I’ve heard work for last minute tickets- TodayTix . I have tried the lottery a great system for theaters to fill up their seats and for theater goers to have a chance to get cheap tickets without planning months in advance. The flip side is the long line, chance and the seats you get are not great, possibly ones where you will be have to crane your neck to see.

Photo Jun 01, 11 40 52 AM.jpg
No luck for the lottery. But for Matilda, got discount tickets of seats at a corner.

I remind myself that I must pay for this!
Then I forget about the tickets and enjoy the show.

Last night I watched Shear Madness, an off broadway show in a small intimate theater in Hells Kitchen in Manhattan. It is a very different performance from ones I have been to. The play is interactive but not as much as Then She Feel or as I imagine “Sleep No More” is. The cool thing is the cast does and says stuff taking their queues from the audience. The down side is, the actors sometimes surprise each other and unable to control their own laughter. I didn’t seem to mind, cause after the first half hour or so of the play, I can’t remember the last time that I laughed that hard.


Great bright set. Very simple compared to Broadway shows :))

It impresses me, how people are able to write comedy and come up with new ways to perform and entertain. Plays like Lion King and Kinky Boots are on a whole different level with the sets, musical score, sets and more. Having watched Matilda, 700 Sundays and All The Way, which are performed for large audience and have lots of clapping and cheering, I come out feeling a exhilarated but exhausted. I highly recommend them to someone visiting who really wants a show.

But for me, for now, I am happy enjoying my small, intimate, off Broadway and Off Off Broadway shows. Maybe even a stand up comedy to get me through some difficult days.

My Take– 

  1. If you live in NYC or are visiting in the winter, go enjoy the theater!
  2. Almost every theater performance in Manhattan is worth it.
    ( If they can afford to perform in the City, they have to be decent.)
  3. I write this piece more as a gentle reminder to myself to go out and watch a show every now and then. Get good tickets and make a night out of it, especially in the winter. The crowds are few, the people interesting & tickets freely available. 



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