Weekend Away -Portsmouth in Winter

As the winter really sets in, I am one of those people who take weekend trips to colder places. I mean, which of you will not agree that a few degrees colder than NYC is easy to handle? My logic about not going to warmer places is, I just cannot come back to the cold in the city, after a visit to Florida. Even driving up from, say Washington D.C., is difficult, having experienced the warmer weather there.

Winter Wonderland

Besides, off peak rates at hotels and stores get way too good in the winter and who doesn’t like a good bargain ? I dragged my poor husband up to New Hampshire in the winter and this is why….

Once you get used to NYC winter and are all bundled up in your layers, are wearing your long down parkas and grippy snow boots, it’s really easy to withstand a town that is a little colder. I promise.

Positives of Portsmouth in winter–

  1. It’s got a busy downtown with almost all the stores open through the year.
  2. There is a ton of choice for food.
  3. It has a fun historic tour in Strawberry Banké.
  4. Everything looks absolutely perfect covered in snow.
  5. There are no crowds.
  6. Parking is available almost everywhere.
  7. Prices of hotels are much lower.
  8. Stores are running promotions, you get to shop all the discounted merchandise.

Well……It’s cold!
( A waitress at one of the restaurants told us she does not surf in the winter. But down in Massachusetts where it is warmer, people surf.) ?
You can’t enjoy time at the beach.

Here is my favs for a two night stay at New Castle:
( These are places I visited, stayed at, ate at and absolutely enjoyed.)

  1. Stay
    Wentworth By The Sea A Marriott resort, that I can afford in the winter.
    ( Only if you have a car, cause its a ten minute drive from downtown Portsmouth.
    If you are going up by bus, stay at chain like Hampton Inn or a cozy B&B)
  2. Shop
    – Ten Thousand Villages for fair trade stuff from around the world
    – Pickwick Mercantile at Strawberry Banké for tchotchkes and gifts
    – Life Is Good  for clothes
    – Le Roux Kitchen store for kitchen related stuff
    – Sheafe Street Books for books

    Photo Dec 23, 11 45 03 AM.jpg
    Pickwick’s Mercantile
  3. Cafes
    – Breaking New Ground
    – Book and Bar

    Photo Dec 23, 12 47 54 PM.jpg
    Book and Bar
  4. Restaurants
    – Friendly Toast for a diner like setting, decent Happy Hour and Mexican
    – Green Elephant for amazing Vegan Thai and fancy cocktails
    – Radici for friendly staff and basic Italian

    Lunch at Green Elephant
  5. See and Do-
    – stroll around downtown
    – Enjoy whatever tours Strawberry Banké has to offer
    – Drive along the coast and enjoy the Atlantic

If you are anything like me and want to travel even in winter, explore new places, wander, then Portsmouth is a great place. There is no stress of having to see too much. You can wander about at a leisurely pace, step in and out of stores, relaxing while reading and eating good food. Drive up to Portsmouth, you will however have to bear the cold. But heck! it is winter!

Goodnight from New Castle, NH
P.S: Hoping to post more often, I have made my posts shorter. If you feel like you want more details, send me an email and I will try my best to answer.
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