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Art (in New York) Today

I went to an installation of LED lights at the New Museum. This is Art.

Photo Dec 27, 1 01 20 PM.jpg
Pixel Forest by Pipplotti Rist at the New Museum

I saw paintings of horizontal lines painted across a canvas. This too is art.

Agnes Martin at the Guggenheim 

I saw painting made of short brush strokes. This is also art.

Starry Night by Van Gogh at MOMA.

I grew up in a time when paintings and sculptures were considered art. I have learned to appreciate it. Dance and Music are also art, but of a different kind. Those I was able to appreciate as well.

After seeing the Agnes Martin exhibit, Janet, a ceramic artist asked me how I felt on seeing the exhibit. I was stumped!  I am not sure I felt anything. No sense of calm overtook my being. I was not excited by the geometric lines. I was not saddened by the landscape representation. I just saw it and didn’t think much of it. Where as my husband, kept saying he didn’t understand it and Janet and her son loved it and saw it from all different angles.

There are so many new forms of creativity that are now classified as art. I guess I have to thank my stars, I must have done something good that I now like in New York. Art comes to me and weather I understand it or not, I am luck that I am able to see it and learn about it.

This year I hope to make the most of the museums of the city and wish I can learn at least a little about different kinds of art in the world today.

My Take– 

If you live in a city that gives you an opportunity to learn about art, get on this ride with me. 🙂


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