On Clear Days You Freeze!

In Fall and spring, I have a continue gripe about not knowing what the weather is going to be on a certain day. One day it’s a balmy 70 degrees (21 C) and the next it’s a crazy 40 (4.5 degree C). One day it’s gloomy as hell and the next it’s bright an sunny. We have rainy, windy and some absolutely perfect days. My desire for the sun is enormous and my mood swings from happy to gloomy just as the day. Besides, how do I dress? How do I prepare for the elements? It drives me bananas.

A clear fall day and I am bundled like it’s winter.
It’s spring. I am still freezing. But it’s sunny and gorgeous.


Over the last couple of seasons, though, Ashwin has been telling me how to read the signs and figure out the positives and negatives of the day and the weather through the seasons.

  • If it is a gloomy and cloudy day, it is definitely going to be warmer. So if I am griping about not seeing the sun, I have the higher temperatures to cheer me up.
  • If it is cold as hell, I know it’s going to be a beautiful day, with clear skies and sun will be out to give me my dose of vitamin D.
Photo Jan 21, 12 00 42 PM (1).jpg
On such a clear, bright and sunny day, I know I am better off staying in or really bundling up to go outdoors.
Cloudy warm day in Spring
Warm enough not to wear jackets. Luckily it’s not raining!

I have learned to check the weather app and dress appropriately. In the summer, it’s flip flops and tees everyday and in the winter you bundle up everyday. Life gets easier. It’s the other two that give me the most trouble. Now, with these few tips, I seem to have a better reference in Fall and Spring. ( The same weather tips hold for winter as well.)

I still am in a muddle on what clothes I should wear and each day’s outer wear is different. But, at least I know the signs and can find some bit on positive on any given day; well, until it’s summer again!

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