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Acceptable Seasonal Trips From NYC

I have come to realize that when you live in New York City, your trips are already planned for you. Seasonally there are a bunch of trips that are socially acceptable, if that is something concerns you. My first couple of years, I always planned to go to the wrong places at the wrong times.

It seemed really interesting to me at first when I heard every family go to Disney for Spring break. It possibly followed from parents’ college day parties in Miami over Spring Break. This came as an accidental realization when my husband went around telling his colleagues he was going to ‘Florida for Spring break.’
If you knew my husband and me, you would have the same quizzically look they had when they asked, “Really? Which party?!!”
He looked back just as puzzled and said, “No dude! To Disney.”
Confused colleagues, “You don’t have kids. Right?”

Disney. Just us. No kids. ?
We got the same puzzled looks when we said we were going to Cape Cod in winter.

Growing up in the tropics, we didn’t have much of a seasonal trip, except if you counted going up to ‘hill-stations’, our versions of the mountains, to avoid the scotching summer sun. I basically travelled across India, to sight see and experience new places. Here in New York, everyone is so tired from work and lives such busy lives vacations are mostly to ‘relax’ or to partake in some activity. I know only a retired people who go out to sight see of see new places. To be fair, I only know a few people here!

Basically, fall is meant to enjoy the trees changing color. Most popular state for us here in the North East is Vermont. Ideal peak dates fall around Columbus Day. How accidentally lucky?! ?  Come winter, we all head to the ski slopes. If you don’t ski, don’t fret you can sit by the fire in log cabins or fancy ski resorts and maybe go snow tubing. Of course, if you are one of those escaping the winter, a cruise to the Caribbean is also acceptable.

Spring is when we, (depending on your age and family status) either party in Florida, or go to Disney with the family. Spring break dates, vary from school to school, so you can get lucky and avoid crowds, if you are able to go on break before Easter. Disney World on Easter weekend is supposed to be ‘the craziest,’ in terms of lines for the rides and number of children in strollers. If you didn’t manage a cruise in the winter, the initial part of Spring is still a good time to squeeze on in. I like to go see the first Spring flowers bloom. That is partially acceptable too. ?

Summer is all about resting by the ocean. Beaches are packed with sun bathers and vacation rentals prices reach an all time high. But to us here, the ultimate form of relaxation is getting a week of rest by the beach before we have to go crazy at your high pressured job. It’s like a quick fix pill. Not any beach though! Hamptons in NY, Cape Cod/ Martha’s Vineyard in MA and some beaches in Maine are ‘hip’ options.  If you wanted to get a little fancier, the same week can be had at a vacation rental in Italy. It will definitely earn you more ‘oooooohhhss’ and ‘aaaaahhhh’, than going to Cape May in Jersey.


As for now, if you want to be in with the people in the city, go out leaf peeping. You are too late for Vermont, but you can still makes plans for a my favorite place to see the trees in color- Shenandoah. Be prepared though, this ‘unusual’ destination may come as a surprise to everyone you talk to!

Skyline drive, VA
Happy vacationing!


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