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People who have lived in America their whole lives seem surprised by all the traveling we do in the United States. I wonder why that is. I wonder why I hear of more people going off to Italy than flying to Oregon? I wonder why people from New York will fly to the Caribbean, but will not take a weekend trip to the Shenandoah Valley.  I wonder why?

It is a relatively easy country to travel in. It is well connected by planes and decently by trains. But the best way is car rentals. The roads here take you everywhere!

Ashwin’s explanation is that it is just as easy to fly to Paris. So why not see a new country?

Well I guess he is right.

Growing up, people in India, at least the ones around me, never looked at traveling in America as exciting, interesting or even worthwhile. My whole life, I have heard and continue to hear, “There is no point in going to USA. Nothing to see!” Or “Every place in that country is like every other place.” Or “Finding food is going to be difficult for vegetarians.”

I for one, have been smitten by America. Well. I always have been bitten by the travel bug, but now I have this whole giant landmass, young, unique and absolutely gorgeous at my disposal. The people are welcoming, food is great and there is something to do every where. All you have to do is look. I am always looking to explore.

My top five reasons to travel USA are–

  1. I get great vegetarian and vegan food every where that I go.
    (See what I eat and where I eat here in America.)
  2. People speak the English everywhere!
  3. There is so much natural beauty (and man made points of interest) to satisfy anyone, for years.
  4. I love road travel and highways are fantastic and car rentals are easily available.
  5. The landscape is very different in different states. So each trip to a new part of the country is a feast for my senses.


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I enjoy a good vegetarian meal when I travel- weatehr it is hiking or town hopping. This meal at a botanical garden outside Tuscon. But we’ve found great food after hiking in Zion and the Grand Canyon.
Endless stretches of roads lined with tiny yellow flowers and tall green tress. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?

I am unsure of why I am always trying to convince people to see and enjoy this wonderful country, without prejudice. Maybe it is the teacher instinct in me that is popping out! Or it is my way of sharing the joys of this country with everyone I know.

But here are my top five reasons why you should travel in the country:

  1. It is the country you call home and I would like to see it, learn from it and love it.
  2. The government has really made an effort to maintain national parks and makes lots of wonderful educational cards and activities for children  (and adults.) for the historic monuments.
  3. There are wonderful outdoor (and indoor) activities to try. Make the most of them. Several are free ( well technically, your taxes pay for them.)
  4. It’s near you. If you live in a state like Arizona or New York there is so much to do on the weekends. Why wait to take long vacations? Take them every now and then. It’s possible. If you think you’ve already visited a place,, go at a different time of year. Things are different and maybe less expensive that during season.
  5. You can scout out other places you may decide you want to live and work in. (I am constantly doing that. I definitely want the warmth. But i also want at least some of the stimuli and learning I get here in New York. So where do I go??
A simple vintage toilet is preserved and appreciated at the Merchant House Museum.
Vermont in Summer. Everyone is always going there to ski. We went to enjoy the green. It was beautiful when we went and a lot less expensive!
Same with Woodstock, NY. Who goes in the winter? We do. Less crowds, perfect getaway, beautiful and very cozy. Of course cheaper rates at a B&B is an insentive too!

You can tell I love the natural beauty in this county. It wasn’t always like that. But once you have been to as many states as Ashwin and I have, I cannot imagine you will not fall in love too.

Travel USA!!!!


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