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Personalized Swag – Iron On Home Craft

Personalized gifts – unique tote and twin onesies

I love giving gifts and receiving them. I mean who doesn’t like to get a heart felt gift? Before Ashwin and I got married, he used to give me something each day. He called it “Gift Of Day.” It was perfect ?  ❤ .

The gifts were most times little things that told me he was thinking of me. It was often stationary which I love. I got cards, little notes, flowers, books and more. Sometimes the gifts got a little too big and expensive, which made me feel like it was a bit much ( which I still sometimes feel, but am learning to let go off… That’s a whole story in itself. Let’s save it for another day.) My favorite gift of all was a bag he hand painted for me when he was away, working in Germany ?.. It was unique, original and totally totally unexpected.

I enjoy owning things that are custom made. They make me feel like they belong to me and only me. In the same spirit, giving personalized gifts gets me excited. I love being able to present things that are unique. Enjoying crafts, color and creativity I love spending my time trying to make new things from old ones and gifting them.

My cousin who lives in Brooklyn, loves to cook. She likes having her herbs grow on her windowsill. She enjoys shopping at the farmers market and picking fresh vegetables to cook and experiment with. For her birthday, one of things I wanted to give her, had to incorporate all of this.

I had this idea running in my head for several weeks. On one of my trips to Michaels, the craft store, I found ‘iron on’ printable paper. ?
I decided a tote with herbs and vegetables to take to the farmers market could be one of the things I give her.

Who doesn’t look a good tote?

Once I had made that, making little onesie for my twin nephews was super easily. They were a huge hit with my sister-in-law.

Step By Step photos while making the onesie (I could take photos cause I had help):

What can I say? My husband loves to iron!
Since he did such a good job ironing, might as well get him to peel. ?
? A&T   at the back.

Things you will need:

  • Printable iron on paper
    I used Jolee’s Easy Image (for light fabric)
    (If you are going to print on dark fabric, use the dark fabric iron on sheets
  • A plain tote or any garment.
    Mine was from Michaels
    Another one from Amazon

Things I already had:

  • laptop with ‘Word’ installed
  • printer
  • iron
  • scissors


  1. Make a layout of what you want printed on Word.
    ( If you are using text, put the letters in text boxes and then flip the box so you see its mirror image. This is so, when you print and iron it comes out readable.)
  2. Print it out on the iron on paper.
    ( Make sure that you place the paper so it prints on the iron on side.)
  3. Cut out the paper around the art and lettering.
  4. Lay it face down on the tote/onesie. Iron on it until the paper starts to peel of.
  5. Then peel out the paper, very ,very carefully.
    If you feel like it is not coming out easily, iron on the back some more.
    (Make sure not to go over the already peeled part.)
  6. Viola! Your unique tote/garment is ready!
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