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Acrylic Painting

Summer breaks for a teacher is time to relax and let go. It is time to unwind and laze around. For me it was quite the opposite. A colleague once said Tara runs around New York like a crazy person!! But it’s not all I did. I caught up going to Michaels and doing a bunch of crafts. Painting is a perfect winter indoor project as well.

A few summers ago, I decided I wanted to paint. I had never painted. Actually, strike that. I had painted when I was a child before I had to grow up and study for exams. All I remember from then is I got to have fun and play with color.

I loved color. I still do!

I bought a cheap set of acrylic colors . You know the kind you get in Walmart- Some 24 small canvas and got to work. I already had the brushes and palette.

Now, I had to draw before I began painting! Noooo!! I really don’t know how to. Besides, it doesn’t appeal to me. It’s all black and white!

Eureka! I chose a color heavy picture and enlarged it to the size of this canvas. Like a little kid, I held up the canvas to teh screen and tried to draw the horizon and kind of traced the women. Mental note to self– Buy graphite paper!!!!

A few hours of intense painting and viola! I had my first acrylic painting. Ohhh!! I was so pleased with myself. My husband’s response to it was oh! I love how you have your mark on it, with shadowless trees! I have to give it to him. That was the best way of pointing out my error! ?

Here is the final fixed version.

Photo May 04, 2 42 48 PM

So! If you like color and ever thought about painting, just go out and do it! It’s not that hard once you begin.

Things you will need:

  • A few brushes.  You can either buy a set of cheap ones or invest in some good brushes.
    I began with 5 basic ones:
    –  Number 12 short handle filbert.
    – Number 8 Round (and pointed)
    – Number 2 round
    – Number 12 flat
    – Number 14 flat
  • Paints. I began with a cheap set of 24 colors, but I have been told by some Jersey City artists that the essential colors are:
    – Titanium white
    – Ivory black
    – cadmium yellow
    – yelow ochre
    – pure orange
    – raw sienna
    – raw umber
    – burnt umber
    – burnt sienna
    – cadmium red
    – alizarin crimson
    – dioxanzine purple
    – phthalo blue
    – phthalo green
  • A basic palette. I began with a white paper plate.
  • A cup to hold water.
  • A 8″x 10″ stretched canvas.
    Really any canvas, any shape works. But I like the stretched ones so I can simply hang it up when I am done without worrying about a frame.
  • Some paper towels to clean up your mess.
  • A surface to spread your paints and canvas on.
    I laid down an old bathroom curtain and spread my stuff on it. It takes care of spills.

Hope you get to paint.

Leave a comment. Leave suggestions. Happy to hear from you. ?


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3 thoughts on “Acrylic Painting

  1. Love the colors.. can almost feel the heat of the sun and makes me want to squint. I feel I was plucked and put in Africa.

    1. You crack me up!
      But yes, i will be broke for a bit, then hopefully all this will make me money.
      (Thinking positive thanks to the Oms and Ahs on my kitchen floor ?)

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