My Take : Rockport on the coast of Massachusetts

Since spring/summer bookings have already begun and seaside destinations are as popular as they are, it’s about time this post went out.

Last spring I was in Rockport, a little seaside town off the coast of Massachusetts, about 4 1/2 hours from New York City. It was part of a longer road trip for me. But it could be a quick unwinding weekend getaway from Manhattan or Boston.

Blue, mesmerizing waterfront. Pretty boats dot the Atlantic.

Have you ever dreamed of being whisked off to a romantic Alaskan seaside village; Or being proposed to on cobbled streets that overlook the ocean; or drifting away into your partners arms over a glass of Rosè at a quaint seaside restaurant? Well, you do not have to go as far as you think!

Rockport is a small seaside town off the coast of Massachusetts. Its name to fame is that “The Proposal” was filmed there. The little town is often cast aside while people scurry to the more popular ocean towns of Massachusetts. Luckily, the movie gave it its due. Apparently, the directors of the movie kept the town as is in the movie. By digitally adding some mountains to it, they were quite easily able to feign it to be the small town of Sitka, in Alaska. To me, that says a lot about the beauty of this easily accessible picturesque town which is just an hour from Boston and a little over four hours from New York City.

As soon as my husband and I drove into town we could taste and smell the salt in the air. Charming restaurants and stores on either side of the small street we turned onto and the clanking buoys were a perfect welcome into town. As we made our way towards our motel on Bearneck skin which lead to the Atlantic Ocean, we could get glimpses of the water through the tiny spaces between the stores as well.

Rockport 2
Bearskin Neck has quaint stores and cafes on either side. Spring is still a little chilly, but relatively tourist free.

We spent two nights at the Bearneack Skin Motor lodge which was a fantastic place to unwind, relax and get in sync with the ocean and waves. It is perched right on the rocks that are home to the splashing water. Every room has a little deck outside where you can stand in the cool mist from the dancing ocean.

Bearskin neck and Main street’s stores and cafes kept us happy.  The stores that were open year round seemed to draw us rather than the ones geared towards the summer tourists. Each store was unique and had its own charm. We were delighted by our little findings in each and collected a bunch of souvenirs as one does on such trips.

Toad Hall Books maintains a good collection of books in its three-floor store. I particularly enjoyed their section of the local books. The whiff of fudge drew us into Tuck’s candy store, where we spend several minutes admiring the colorful treats. It took great courage to walk out with only a small bag of chocolate and another with fudge. I also really liked Pewter Shop that had beautiful handcrafted Jewelry. Several stores sold hand painted napkins and porceline with colors of bright sea glass. Photographs and paintings of Rockport and its surrounding areas through all the seasons, made me mark my calendar to visit Rockport not just in late spring and summer.

Photo Jun 08, 10 28 59 AM
Toadhall books is open year round making it a good spot to stop by to chat with locals and get information about the surrounding area and towns.

A vegetarian’s choice for food left me craving a little more. But the view of the blue ocean, spray of the splashing waves and sounds of a costal fishing town compensated for it. I got some good salads, sandwiches and baked goods at Bean and Leaf Café. Atlantic Pizza had a vegetarian option, but we missed them as they close by 7. Blue Lobster Grille was nice enough to give us a good take out pasta tossed in garlic olive oil with a side of bread, which we sat in our room and enjoyed with a bottle of Sangiovese.

Rockport 4
Motif 1 with all the clanking lobster buoys.

Mornings were simply perfect with a late spring crispness still in the air. We got up before most of the tourists while the streets were still barren and went out looking for breakfast. We arrived at Brother’s Brew Café, one of the only places that opens at 6:30 am. Opening the door to this unassuming place and we were welcomed with the smells of freshly brewed coffee and sweet bread. The warmth of the cozy cafe was welcome from the chill outside. I enjoyed joining in on the conversation with a public school teacher from town who was in there every morning catching up with other people from the neighborhood before she headed to school. She insisted that the cafe’s warm cinnamon bread was a must and called out to the bakery suggesting he bake some the next day.

Brother’s Brew Café on Main street is a perfect place for your morning pick me up or a great place to watch regulars chat over their morning coffee.

For a more ambitious weekend at Rockport, the Shalin Liu Performance Center has music shows against the gorgeous backdrop of the Atlantic. A nearby state park offers wonderful hikes and views. You might also enjoy a meal at the nearby town of Gloucester, which we did.

Trust me!Go to Rockport. You are bound to fall in love with the laid back pace of this stress-free, enchanting, romantic village.


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  1. Hi. I live in Gloucester near there. I never been Brother’s Brew cafe.. It seems yummy. Hopefully I will going there this year.

  2. Love reading these snapshots of my hometown! You might come near Christmas, many stores are open through the holidays and the town is beautifully decorated. Maybe plan ahead for Shalin Liu?

    Glad you enjoyed yourselves!!

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