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Eat Healthy, Travel More And Save

I guess, I was a skeptic and thought warehouse shopping was for people who hoard, large suburban families and the frugal. It was definitely not for young Manhattanite without cars, who lived in boxes and shopped at Whole Foods and who enjoyed exploring new and different things and places. That was my silly narrow minded view when I first moved here. Somethings I would have done differently, had I known when I moved here. Getting myself a Costco membership is one of them! Now after a year’s membership at Costco, I know better.

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Perks of Costco

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Car Rental:Even if you do not want to shop at Costco, get it for it’s travel program!

On a trip to Vegas, we decided we wanted to be able to go out and take drives around Sin City and go on near by hikes. We decided to rent a car for a week. (Yes! I know what you are thinking– Who stays a week in Vegas? Ashwin had a conference to attend and I was going to explore!! Okay? Jeez!!! ? ) Costco’s car rental gave me the lowest rate by almost $80 compared to a direct booking from the cheapest airport car rental. Besides, I got my rental from Enterprise, not the low end rental company.

Our car from Enterprise, which gave us the best weekly rate w/ add on driver.

The cancelation policy is “Cancel Anytime”!!!!! Even just an hour before renting,  you can cancel it, if you decide you want a taxi instead! Besides most rentals have have a membership perk of including your spouse to drive on that rental agreement.

Another cool thing I found was checking the rate everyday, got me the best possible rate for my week long rental. The rates dropped almost $35 dollars as the week went along!

And at the airport we got to stand in the priority corporate line and got to the rental car service agent sooner than everyone else. Hurray Costco!

Costco also has some really good hotels in some very touristy places that work out to a great bargain. If I am in the mood for an off season trip to la la land, you know where I will be checking.

Gas: Their fuel is a top tier fuel and they also actually have one of the lowest rates. The cool thing we learned about Costco gas stations is that you do not have to be a Costco member to fill gas there. You only need a Visa Credit Card and you are all set.

Returns: They are so confident about their products that they guarantee a return anytime. ANYTIME!!! I was considering buying a blender.

Quality: It’s funny how, I simply trust Costco with everything they sell. If it’s available in Costco, I know it’s good. They have a less expensive Vitamix, Dyson and much more.

Gifting & Seasonal Decor: Great gifts to take back home for immigrants or for a friend’s dinner party. They have great Belgian chocolates available, delicious gift baskets and pretty good cookbooks.

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64 liquor filled chocolates for $16.
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Holiday decor

Buying a Car: I haven’t tried buying a car with Costco, but I am told it is great. On one of my recent visits to a New Jersey Costco, an associate told me that her manager saved almost $10,000 when he bought his new car. “The only catch is you have to buy from the dealer Costco tells you to buy from, which means you may have to travel a bit to get to the dealership. The downfall was he had to drive half hour to get that discount.” ( I would probably drive 2 hours if I had to get that deal!! ? )

& More: Home owners tell me that buying tiles and more from Costco is great. I wonder what else they have and that I am missing. ?

Final words: I had tried a free BJ’s membership for a short while, thanks to its proximity. I was not as much in awe of the quality nor the display and arrangements. That stopped me from even venturing to a Costco for a while.  But after my year with the their membership, I have decided to go ahead and renew it for another year. I am one satisfied camper. Wish I had known this from the get go! It is definitely for everyone- car or no car, living in a box or not and definitely for those of you who enjoy traveling and eating well.

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